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Birdwatching Tour with CRISTIAN DOMÍNGUEZ

7 days, 1326 km in circuit + 185 km out of circuit = 1511 km 3 National Parks, 2 Provincial Protected Areas 7 AICAs + 1 Area of ​​special interest (Lagunas del Toro) Approximately 450 species CRISTIAN DOMÍNGUEZ BIO From an early age interested in the nature and biodiversity of Northern Argentina, he ventured into different forms of contemplation and analysis of his environment, within which biodiversity was acquiring a growing significance. This led him to study years later Engineering in Natural Resources and Environment at the National University of Salta, where he participated as a volunteer and technician in various conservation and research projects, as well as in various surveys and monitoring for environmental studies, providing specific knowledge that led to the study of bird and wildlife communities locally. He has been working as a biodiversity consultant for over 10 years (standing out as a field ornithologist technician) and environmental analyst for different projects, thus touring all the representative environments of northern Argentina by studying some of its characteristic populations and communities. In addition, it incorporates nature photography as a complement to the activities in which it participates and to its sightings, you can see some of its photos here https://www.flickr.com/photos/155350465@N05. The bird-oriented environmental education enabled him to develop training spaces for children and site guides in various communities of different environments, integrating technical knowledge with local knowledge and participating in interdisciplinary working groups. Within the tourist activity, it integrates to date the provincial registry of tourist guides of Salta, constantly training as an ideal guide for birdwatchers, in order to incorporate their experience and passions into a specialized quality service. EXTRA CIRCUITS THAT CAN BE ADDED in your Tour Puna Salteña From San Antonio de los Cobres, 1 Day + 1 Night extras Kilometers added: 250 Prepuna + Puna Jujeña From Libertador San Martín or Salta, 2 Days + 1 Night extra Kilometers added: 670 Chaco Salteño From Lajitas, 1 Day + 1 Night Extras Kilometers added: 250 Macaw Trail *Sendero del Guacamayo From Lajitas or Libertador San Martín, 1 Day + 1 Night extras Kilometers added: 370 Monte and Prepuna Salteños From Cachi, 2 Days + 1 Night extras Kilometers added: 285

Bird watching

450 especies

Circuit traveled

1326 km in circuit + 185 km out of circuit = 1511 km

Photo stops

You can take unforgettable photos

Unique visit

National Parks and Provincial Protected Areas

Trip Itinerary

Day #1 - Salta – Quebrada del Toro – Lagunas del Toro – San Antonio de los Cobres
Ecoregion: Prepuna, Puna Estimated Wealth: 150 species Distance: 250 km + 25 km
Day #2 - San Antonio de los Cobres – Abra del Acay – La Poma – Cachi
Ecoregion: Puna, High Andean, Prepuna Estimated Wealth: 100 species Distance: 131 km + 20
Day #3 - Cachi – PN Los Cardones – Cuesta del Obispo – Qda de Escoipe – Cnel Moldes o Dique Cabra Corral
Ecoregion: Prepuna, Monte, Yungas (Grasslands, Selva Montana) Estimated Wealth: 180 species Distance: 143 km + 30 (Option back to Salta Distance: 154 km + 30)
Day #4 - Dique Cabra Corral – Cañón del Juramento – PN El Rey – Pacha Kanchay
Ecoregion: Chaco Serrano, Chaco Semi-arid, Yungas Estimated Wealth: 200 species Distance: 225 km + 20
Day #5 - Pacha Kanchay – Senderos en PN El Rey – Pacha Kanchay – Las Lajitas
Ecoregion: Yungas, Semi-arid Chaco Estimated Wealth: 220 species Distance: 148 km + 30
Day #6 - Las Lajitas – La Estrella – Libertador San Martín
Ecoregion: Semi-arid Chaco, Yungas Estimated Wealth: 100 species Distance: 215 km + 30
Day #7 - Libertador San Martín – PN Calilegua – Libertador San Martín – Salta
Ecoregion: Yungas Estimated Wealth: 200 species Distance: 214 km + 30


In February 2018 I traveled with a group in the magical Puna Argentina! 13 days enter lagoons, mountain ranges, gorges and hills of thousands of colors. I absolutely recommend the service with the excellent guide Adrian Aguero. His professionalism and deep knowledge of this region has made our trip happy and perfect!
February 2018

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