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Our Story

We are a new family agency. Together with my wife Lorena, we dream and we manage to achieve this project. I started as a guide more than 13 years ago, doing conventional tourism. As time went by, I was getting to know new places and acquiring experience. I had the inestimable opportunity to know the emblematic national route 40, considered one of the best scenic routes in the world. It was on this 30-day trip that I met and understood what my country has to show the world. We started with the dream of being able to have our own 4x4 vehicle and after a lot of sacrifice on behalf of the whole family it materialized. I always thought that the fundamental basis of every project is the family. We already had the vehicle, the experience, the knowledge, the logistics, but something was missing: the agency, today concretized as "explores puna life", the last link to be able to provide the optimum service that always characterized the trips I made, a service of high quality, focused particularly towards foreign tourists.

Our Mission

Beyond the obtained achievements we are still dreaming. today our desires go through making our customers, passengers, friends live a unique and unrepeatable experience, making them know the depth of our land and at the same time enriching each other with the contribution of different cultures. that is why our goal as an agency is to make you leave thinking that this trip was the best they saw and lived in their lives and that all the sacrifices to do it were worth it.

Our Team

A solid experience guiding tourist around the mountains.

Adrian Aguero

Owner / Manager
Professional Guide NOA, RN40, North of Chile and South of Bolivia, Adventure Tourism in 4x4

Luis Ahumada

Tour Guide
Scientific Tourism Ruta al Origen de la Vida

Julio Nazareno Ruiz

Tour Guide
Cycle Tourism: Cycling is an outdoor activity in direct contact with nature and cultural heritage.

Fernanda Aguero

General Coordinator

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