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The lagoons, salt flats and volcanoes of the altiplano were the scene of fascinating discoveries scientists in recent years. The report of the oldest fossils of the planet, alive, in the lagoons of Argentina and Chile, they position these extreme environments as a time machine that recreates the conditions from the primitive earth of 3400 million years ago. The wonderful scientific adventure that was and continues to be the exploration of these ecosystems archaic results in this scientific tourism project: Route to the Origin of Life, where it is shared, with scientists and specialized guides, the fascinating adventure behind the discovery. Welcome to the ROUTE TO THE ORIGIN OF LIFE, abrochense the belts, we will make a trip of 3400 million years. Includes: transport in 4x4, insurance during the trip, pic nic where indicated by the program, water permanent during the trips, rafting excursion, specialized guide all the time. Does not include: Lodging, meals not specified in the program, tips. Maximum and minimum number of participants: 9 (maximum) - 3 (minimum) Degree of difficulty: Medium. Estimated daily route: 180 to 350 kms per day between Routes national, footprint roads, and provincial routes. Raffting grade 3 and 4. Suitable for children 7 years old up to 60 years old. Responsible: Dra. María Eugenia Farías - Tec. Luis G. Ahumada * Prices are subject to modifications depending on the preference and / or modifications by the passenger

Fully Narrated Tour:

The tour is available in English, Italian and Spanish.

Volcanoes and lagoons:

The lagoons, salt flats and volcanoes of the altiplano were the scene of fascinating scientific discoveries in recent years.

Professional Guide

Professional Guiding in High Mountain and Scientific Tourism


4x4 vehicles in the tour

Trip Itinerary

We will leave from Salta early in the morning, by National Route 68 and Provincial 47 to Cabra Corral Dam, passing through different towns of the Lerma Valley, heading South-Southeast enjoying the landscape until arriving at the peri lake and we will see the first fossil stromatolites of the Yacoraite formation, about 70 million years ago. Then we will continue until get to Salta Rafting. There we will do our adventure activity, in order to observe from the river, the fossil Stromatolites of the Yacoraite Formation, the sequences will also be observed cretaceous of the dike, its structure through the river Juramento and dinosaur footprints. We will close This wonderful experience with a repairman roasting at the base of the same complex. Then We will continue our way along route 68 until we reach Cafayete, passing through the Quebrada de Las Conchas and the wonderful landscape of a pure nature. We estimate to arrive at 7:00 pm approximately. Km. Routes: 260 Alt. Max: 1770 Msnm.
We will leave the hotel heading to the Quebrada de las Conchas to visit the interior doing a trek of 3 hours, observing what left an old sea in the whole area. At travel we will observe folding and stratigraphy with sandstones and limestones. Lugo we will have a picnic and we will continue our way by route 40 to El Peñón, Catamarca, going from the Calchaquíes valleys to the Santa María Valley until you reach the Puna’s transition .. During the road we will see rocks that have fine and predominant conglomerates metamorphic The color is light gray to grayish yellow, although it depends on the percentage of volcanic shots. Also, there are sandstones and pelites that are interspersed with deposits conglomerádicos. We estimate to arrive at around 7:00 p.m. Km. Routes: 350 Alt. Max: 4200 Msnm.
After breakfast, at approximately 9:00 am, we prepare to get into a 4×4 full offroad road following the trail towards the Campo de Piedra Pómez, an impressive landscape with an extension of 40 km long by 22km in the widest part, this extension is product of the Cerro Blanco volcanic complex, to the southeast of the Sierra de San Buenaventura. To the We will make a trekking of simple difficulty and with the intention of walking that wonderful field and be able to take some photos. Then we will enjoy a refreshing appetizer for Continue towards Carachipampa Lagoon and Carachipampa Volcano. We will return in the afternoon to the Rock for dinner and rest. Km traveled 90 Alt. Max. 3400
We will leave in the morning 8: 30hs, approximately until Antofagasta de la Sierra by route 46. Then we will continue through Quebrada de Calalaste until reaching the Salar de Antofalla, point where We will visit the eyes of Campo, where three lagoons of different colors coexist, red, blue, black, and a wonderful field of microbial mats. We had lunch in Antofalla in a traditional family home to then continue to Pozo Bravo. There we will have the possibility of see one of the microbial systems of the stromatolite type, which borders the entire lagoon, both sides. We will continue north of the salar until we reach Antofallita and cross to the province of Jump to see the third largest salt flat in the world, Salar de Arizaro, with the impressive Cono de Arita, an almost perfect pyramid. We will return in the afternoon to Tolar Grande for dinner, talk about the adventure of the day and rest for the next day. Km. Routes: 340. Alt. Max: 4630 Msnm.
We will leave at 8:30 am along Provincial Route 27, towards the first tourist attraction of the day, the eyes from the sea Then we will continue through salt mountains that make up the Devil’s Desert, formations very impressive composed mainly of clay and containing evaporites inside of plaster. Then we cross the Pocitos salt flat to ascend up to 4560 meters above sea level. Chorrillos and thus reach San Antonio de los Cobres. After lunch we leave until km 4601 of National Route 40 where its highest point is at 4989msnm, from there descend to the town of La Poma at 3015 meters above sea level, a town that was destroyed by a fort earthquake in 1930 and rebuilt leaving the ruins intact to be visited. Km. Routes: 284 Alt. Max: 4989 Msnm.
We will leave at 8:30, heading to Payogasta, we will make a small trekking to “El Puente del Diablo “a cavern 111 meters long, formed by lava and limestone, product of volcanoes Twins. It contains stalactites, stalagmites and onyx rocks. Then we will have lunch in the picturesque village of Payogasta, and in the afternoon visit the town of Cachi, where we we will stay Km traveled: 90. Alt. Max. 3015
Day #7 - CACHI – SALTA
After breakfast, we will head west until we reach Las Pailas, where we will have a local guide, from the Calchaquí community. We will track to one of the sites most important archaeological sites in the Calchaquíes valleys area. Then we will go to lunch again to Sala de Payogasta to go down the Cuesta del Obispo, from 3450 meters above sea level to the city of Salta at 1240 meters above sea level. Km traveled 187 Alt. Max 3450


In February 2018 I traveled with a group in the magical Puna Argentina! 13 days enter lagoons, mountain ranges, gorges and hills of thousands of colors. I absolutely recommend the service with the excellent guide Adrian Aguero. His professionalism and deep knowledge of this region has made our trip happy and perfect!
February 2018

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